Flying Star Updates for August 2011

This Feng Shui Flying Star update is specially brought to you so that to enable you to identify easily where are the Flying Stars located on each sector for August 2011 and how it affect the luck on the households. Note that number 1, 6 and 8 are lucky sectors of your house that month. Number 5 indicates a misfortune sector; number 2 indicates illness vulnerability; number 3 is the quarrelsome sector; number 7 shows the burglary sector; and number 4 the romance and scholastic sector. Number 9 indicates coming prosperity. Using compass directions is a powerful branch of Flying Star Feng Shui.


The basic idea of Flying Star feng shui clarifies that good and bad fortune (harmony or disharmony) within the natural environment will not be continuous yet are constantly transforming during the entire year as well as eventually through your lifetime. If suddenly you experience financial misfortune, health issues, accidents or even some other tragedies therefore you appear to be in the wrong place at the wrong time then you may be sure you should review your flying stars. And when you know Flying Stars, you will know tips on how to use feng shui within the time context and stay away from the happening of accidents and unforeseen misfortune in your life.


Within each one of the 9 grids, you will see 2 numbers. The number from the top left corner reveals the actual annual star along with the number inside the lower right corner implies the particular monthly star. Work with a reliable compass to find out your current directions or locations then make reference to that flying star chart for that monthly prediction.


For example, if your front door (the one everyone in your home uses) is situated in the south sector, and then refer to the related grid pertaining to the sort of fortune that may affect everybody in the home throughout that particular month. Besides, if the bedroom you live on is located in the north sector, you will possibly be encountering the sort of luck mentioned with the stars there.



Flying Star for 8th August 2011 - 7th September 2011





The positive influence of this star includes the potential for authority and promotion. However, the downside is that those under the influence of this star combination may suffer from anxiety and stress disorders. This star combination is said to  bring good financial luck for financial success and lead to prosperous individuals. Anyway, people sleep in this sector also will have possibility of suffering headache cause by stress. Good sector for academic pursuits. If your main entrance is located here, there will be good for new ventures or new partnerships. It is also an ideal month to launch new business. For those involve as property agent should use this area more. Anyhow, be careful of emotional leading to problems.




Psychological and mental instability are the key effects to be observed under the influence of this combination. Avoid using this sector as it might cause losses due to illness. Potential for eye or heart-related illnesses especially affect Gua#4 and Gua#9 people. You will be seeing good financial prospects but the occupants of the property may find themselves feeling alone or unsatisfied. Potential for gastrointestinal diseases. This area is a good sector for those seeking to build a long-term relationship especially for those who are Gua# 3 or #8 people. There will be travel opportunities as well as good financial prospects for Gua# 7 people.




Pregnant ladies that stay in this sector should be careful this month. Occupants with diabetes should have a medical check-up. There is also risk of illness relating to the kidneys. Travel, fishery and shipping industries may see a drop in business. Potential relationships problem in this sector. A metal wind chime in this sector may help weaken the Qi. A high probability for illness and the potential for injuring the limbs. Occupants will also need to watch out for theft and legal disputes. Senior management personnel of the company should avoid using this sector. Frequent quarrels may result between employees using this sector. Besides, when this sector influenced by negative external forms, it could result in young children being injured.


By using the above mentioned monthly chart, it will be possible for you to fine tune the feng shui of your residence and workplace. Please take note that do not put plants or water features in any of your bedrooms. Use alternative remedies or enhancers.


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