Chinese Horoscope 2011 - August (Aug 8 - Sep 7)

This paper previews the 2011 Year of Golden Rabbit Horoscope Forecast for all zodiacs in August 2011. Please take note that the date are calculated based on Chinese Solar month but you can refer to the Gregorian date accordingly. Enjoy reading and happy always.


Monthly Forecast for Rat Zodiac


It is a shot down to the bottom of the pit, causing obstacles everywhere, and reduction in business volume. Adopt a composed and defensive position and restrategize. Students should focus on their study. Lovers should be more tolerant.


Monthly Forecast for Ox Zodiac


Lucky star shine collectively. A turn of tide for the better. Use this prosperous moment to be more ambitious in going forward, in your career or business. Be diligent at work. Wealth luck is mediocre. Be aware of water danger.


Monthly Forecast for Tiger Zodiac


Your luck rapidly decline and situation is blight. Sudden change may occur. Be on heightened alert to handle all situation. Handle documents meticulously to prevent vile people from peeping. Mainstream income is stable.


Monthly Forecast for Rabbit Zodiac


Lucky stars bless you, and brings you some improvement to current situation. There are some achievement too. Business opportunities are everywhere. Work as a team and harness the strength of collective thinking. Wealth luck is strong.


Monthly Forecast for Dragon Zodiac


The rain has passed, and all endeavours are smooth sailing, while business results soar. There are many gains to obtain on business grounds, and new markets can be developed. Relations with others improved greatly. Avoid excessive drinking.


Monthly Forecast for Snake Zodiac


This luck of this month is likely being in a stormy weather. You feel like being sandwiched. Stay on the defensive, and patiently observe the situation. Avoid making rash moves. Those working needs to work hard in hand with others to create good results.


Monthly Forecast for Horse Zodiac


Business operations are proceeding smoothly. Business deals are many. Career development is smooth sailing. Seize the chance to strike. Work hard to exhibit your forte, and you will be able to outshine others. Take care of your health.


Monthly Forecast for Goat Zodiac


Misspells have scattered and your luck has started to simmer. Business operations are on track. There are great improvement to your network. Be bold and confident to change forward. Wealth luck is strong and there are good investment gains.


Monthly Forecast for Monkey Zodiac


Your luck is vague and so many business matters progress with many setbacks. Business volume also decline. Analyze the market condition and rethink your strategy. Those working should stay away from gossip circles. Treat your partner nicely.


Monthly Forecast for Rooster Zodiac


Many endeavours are progressing smoothly. But it is still not a good time to be entrepreneuring or make any big investments. Business deals are stagnating. Be mindful of the law and adhere to it. Take note of the importance of food hygiene.


Monthly Forecast for Dog Zodiac


A sky of brilliant radiance shine on you, and render most matter smooth sailing, and bestow clarity of mind to you. Always be prepared with adequate plans and strategies for your projects. Have focus to avoid making mistakes. Investment is good.


Monthly Forecast for Pig Zodiac


Things have gotten better, but you can at most gain stability instead of major breakthrough. Thus, there are much limitations that you meet at work. Projects that are supposed to be underway are stalled. Shower your partner with more love.


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