2012 Horoscope for Snake

Lucky Stars Year Element
天喜 Sky Happiness 1941 辛巳 Metal Snake
Unlucky Stars 1953 癸巳 Water Snake
寡宿 Lonesome, 囚獄 Prison, 病符 Sickness, 天煞 Heaven Sha, 嵗煞 Year Sha 1965 乙巳 Wood Snake
Auspicious Directions 1977 丁巳 Fire Snake
Northeast, Southeast, Southwest 1989 己巳 Earth Snake
Auspicious Colors 2001 辛巳 Metal Snake
Yellow, White, Brown, Green    


Chinese Zodiac Snake - Dragon Year 2012Snake zodiac people is having mutual producing with Grand Duke in term of fire produce earth logic. Therefore, this will help you gain confidence and find your directions in life. You should not become conceited and must grab this opportunity to develop yourself with good foundation for the upcoming challenges next year. With the lonesome star, you will tend to be flaunting and offending others and you might risk being ostracized. Thus, keep a low profile and be humble before you lose those benefactors. Your fixed income is stable this year but you still need to control those unnecessary expenditures. You must not be greedy but be mindful when you have a chance for joint venture or investment. With the inauspicious Prison star, you should not perform any illegal activities to gain financial windfall as that will lead to wealth loss or getting into lawsuits. With the Sickness star, your immune system will be weaker and easily to fall sick. Seek medical support early. Adopt a healthier lifestyle by doing regular exercise and balance diet to strengthen your body. Mutual understanding and tolerance is the best strategy to improve your relationship this year and avoid potential loneliness due to a breakup.


Wealth: Although there is direct wealth available this year, but there are chances that money will be used easily as well and hardly can be saved. Thus you should have managed your wealth wisely. Avoid gambling or any financial speculations as your indirect wealth luck is just average. Do not show off your wealth as it might attract villains, thieves and lead to wealth loss. You will have better wealth luck for investment during Autumn, but bear in mind to have better self control and not over greedy.


Career: Grand Duke is protecting you this year due to mutual producing effects between earthly branches. If you could focus on your job and stay down to earth, you will attain success in all matters. However, you must be careful of Prison star and do not make stupid decision to involve in any illegal activities just because want to gain fast returns. Stay alert to avoid committing errors. Employees should control your emotions to reduce ill luck.


Love: Love fortune is pretty weak this year. You will be seeing some short term romance that hardly last until the end. Do not rush into a relationship recklessly. With the influence of Lonesome star, you will be easily feeling lonely that you must have self control to resist all temptations. Avoid getting suspicious over minor matters that create trust issues within couples. Must learn how to tolerate and improve communication with spouse to maintain healthier and happier relationship. Be mindful of handling relationship carefully and stay cool in the second, third and sixth of Chinese lunar month.


Health: You should be extra cautious of your health this year due to the attendance of Sickness star. Your body will be more vulnerable and easily suffering from common cold, flu or any contagious illness, especially in the first, fourth and tenth of Chinese lunar month. Avoid taking raw and cold food, having regular exercises, sufficient and early sleep. Pay more attention to your health and safety and be careful when driving or exercising to avoid accidents.


Person born in Snake Year 1953 癸巳: Destiny heavenly stem is friend with annual heavenly stem while destiny earthly branch is producing annual earthly branch 天和地生. Thus, the luck is average this year. Harmony create wealth. Try to improve your relationship with your children and your partner by spending more time with them. Be cautious taking care your health in the first, fourth and tenth of Chinese lunar month, whereas the rest should be fine.


Person born in Snake Year 1965 乙巳: Annual heavenly stem is producing destiny heavenly stem while destiny earthly branch is producing annual earthly branch. This mutual producing effect depicts the sun meeting the moon and it is very auspicious year for you. This is an ideal year to conduct renovation or shift into a new premises. You will have smooth progress in your career and wealth. You will only have minor health issue such as common cold in the first and tenth of Chinese lunar month that need to be taken care of.


Person born in Snake Year 1977 丁巳: Apparently Weak earth element is trying to clash with strong water element based on the Established Elements 六十甲子納音 of 1977 丁巳(沙中土 Earth from the Sand) versus 2012 壬辰 (长流水 Constant flowing water). This is definitely exhausting your luck and have an unstable luck throughout the year. Pay attention to your health especially on the food hygiene to avoid gastrointestinal problem. Try to strike a balance between your work and family. Exercising will train your stamina to have greater energy in handling all matters.


People born in Snake Year 1989 己巳: By looking at the destiny pillar versus annual pillar, heavenly stem earth controls water forming Wealth structure while earthly branch fire produces earth forming Output structure 财伤流年. Strong Wealth control Resource 财旺克印 while strong Output control Influence 伤旺克官.Influence and Resource structure portray academic and career luck as well. The output structure will weaken the destiny pillar and make it do not able handle the wealth. In a nutshell, although people that born in 1989 will have good wealth luck this year, but you may not be able to manage it effectively. Besides, your career luck is not favorable this year that you will encounter a lot of resistance and hard to achieve your goal. You will be easily losing wealth thus do not simply take risk in investment or lending money to others. Be wary of injuries in the first and fourth of Chinese lunar month. Short term romance luck will appear but do not worth for you to start with.


People born in Snake Year 2001 辛巳: Both heavenly stem and earthly branch of your year pillar is producing the annual pillar and weakening itself, meaning that those students will face peer pressure and competition in academic. Avoid getting addicted to the Internet game and do not trust anyone that you know through Internet. Should put first priority in the studies. Parents need to ensure that the kids have enough rest and balance diet for better health and study performance.  


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