2013 Horoscope for Ox

Lucky Stars Year Element
華蓋 Elegant Seal 1937 丁丑 Fire Ox
Unlucky Stars 1949 己丑 Earth Ox
天哭 Sky Cry, 天雄 Sky Warrior Star, 羊刃 Goat Blade, 白虎 White Tiger, 黃幡 Yellow Flag 1961 辛丑 Metal Ox
Feng Shui Remedies 2013 1973 癸丑 Water Ox
Put 5 ancient coins in the center and Southwest sector of your house to enhance health luck. Setup a glass of water with 8 stones inside at the Northeast sector to enhance Direct Wealth. 1985 乙丑 Wood Ox
1997 丁丑 Fire Ox
2009 己丑 Earth Ox


Chinese Zodiac Ox - Snake Year 2013When entering the Water Snake year 2013, Ox zodiac people will feel better and more stable if comparing to last year. Besides, you would have obtained support from benefactors that would help in your career especially staying afar or especially if you are dealing with clients at international level. Although there is not much auspicious star around, you would be having companionable and good social relation this year that will be helpful especially at the job of public relations and business. There are plenty of planning in your mind this year however it is more suitable to be executed some other time.  Elegant Seal star will be favorable for those working in arts field as it will be triggering a lot of thinking but the negative side is creating day dreaming for those not in arts field.  It may causing a lot of planning and thinking but bear in mind that every mission is still depending on your own effort and execution to make it come true this year. Thus, this is a year that you shall invest more time in knowledge acquisition in order to enhance your skill for better future. Be more defensive than proactive this year. Always think of the consequences for every decision you have made or leave buffering or backup plans for any execution. To remain status quo might be the good decision sometimes. Goat Blade star will make you easily exhausted or lose your temper until hurting your friends and colleagues, thus you must always remind yourself to cold down and reduce conflicts as much as possible.


Wealth: Due to the existence of White Tiger loss wealth star, this is the year that you must be defensive or think carefully and it is not encouraged to dump big amount of money into properties investment or speculation. This is also a year that you would have huge expenditure such as buying new car, renovation or changing new houses, thus do manage your wealth wisely. Direct wealth is more favorable than indirect wealth this year. You should have invested in intellectual property such as taking courses or study in the field that you are interested in.


Career: The career luck has improved a bit only this year with the combination of Ox and Snake Grand Duke. Anyway, the achievement is much depending on your own hard work as well as how soon you could grab the promotion opportunities and get the recognition from superiors. You might need to be more tolerate to have a smoother career path this year. For the increment and promotion, as long as you have enough preparation this year, you will get it next year. It is not the right time for changing job or open new business this year.


Love: Elegant Seal star symbolizes an unpleasant or lonely mood and very low peach blossom luck. For those singles, it is quite tough for you to breakthrough and you will be remain singles if you did not put extra efforts. For those loving couples, it is also not easy to getting married this year. For those married couples, instead of busy with your work, do spend some leisure time with your loved one to maintain your relationship closely.


Health: The Sky Cry star will made you easily emotional while White Tiger star will trigger some illness or accidents, thus please pay a little bit attention to your health by having medical check up or regular exercises. Be aware of infectious diseases and you should always have enough sleep and ensure work life balance to strengthen your immune system. Also do stay alert when involving in high risk sports or activities.


Person born in Ox Year 1937 丁丑: Both heaven stems of year pillar and annual pillar are having water-fire fighting relationship. Thus it give some alert to health condition, especially heart, cardiovascular, kidney, respiratory system or gynecological problem. Old aged senior citizens must be taken good care to prevent from falling down as well.


Person born in Ox Year 1949 己丑: Fire element is being clashed by water element base on Established Elements 六十甲子納音 of 1949 己丑 (霹靂火 Thunder Fire) versus 2013 癸巳 (长流水 Constant flowing water). You will be experiencing more pressure in life and a little bit of health issues. Be aware of chronic illness and you shall go for medical checkup at beginning of the year. You are encouraged to go praying based on your individual religion practice.


Person born in Ox Year 1961 辛丑: There are heaven stems produced and earthly branches combined 天生地合this year between your year pillar and annual pillar, thus your luck is pretty steady in term of career and wealth. Anyway, be cautious when making decision in investment. Besides, you need to put a little bit of care on your health especially eye, spleen, stomach or tumor illness. You are encouraged to go for a vacation or gathering with friends that would help in emotion release.


Person born in Ox Year 1973 癸丑: Although your wealth luck and mentor luck are good plus you will have a lot opportunity for business joint venturing, but there are also chances of disputes during the collaboration that need to be aware of.  This is indeed a year to be stagnant rather than aggressive. It is better to enhance yourself with necessary skill first before executing any new plans into action without proper blueprint and considerations. Be cautious when travelling, avoid quarrel and unnecessary arguments. Be careful of fake peach blossom this year that can affect your genuine relationship.


People born in Ox Year 1985 乙丑: You will be exhausted and nervous with your increased workload this year that further lower your enthusiasm. This is a year for you to plan properly before rush to execution, else you will be wasting your time and resources. You are more encouraged to upgrade yourself with new knowledge. Do take care of your diet even you are busy to take your meals on time. It is hard to accumulate your wealth this year and it require more financial planning. Furthermore, there are chances of getting married or having baby or buying new house that cause more expenditures.


People born in Ox Year 1997 丁丑: With the Elegant Seal star, the study luck is very fantastic this year. As long as you are studying hard, you would be easily score with flying colors. It is advised to have enough rest and sleep so that you can focus on your study easily. Try to be more tolerate and humble when dealing with schoolmates or friends in the school to avoid fighting or quarrels happening.


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